It’s the lip smackingest time of the year!

by Robyn on December 25, 2011

Well, I haven’t been cooking or baking much here. This Christmas we are all alone. Packages have been sent and received and we’ll have a tiny town Christmas all alone. Next year we’ll have a big celebration here. Or, in San Diego. Who knows?

A beautiful holiday table setting with candles and china

However, that isn’t to say I haven’t seen some amazing food friends are making. So if I may, we will go peek in a few windows and savor all the food being served elsewhere. A progressive dinner of sorts. You know the kind you share with a group of friends, each choosing a course and preparing it. You travel through out the evening eating at different homes and enjoying the company of each other without all the work of doing it yourself. Yes, let’s do that. I also need to thank Barb of Creative Culinary for the use of her Thanksgiving Table photo. It made the post!

First stop? Barb’s house. I couldn’t resist this Crab and Mushroom Cheesecake appetizer! Come to find out she’s asked Nancy’s advice for a last minute sensation. And, boy I cannot think of anyone who might not like this appetizer.

Speaking of Nancy, let’s head on over and see what else we can spy on the holiday table. Oh perfect! A citrus salad. Citrus Salad with Mint Gremolata is a great second course choice. Citrus is so plentiful in December and the citrus combination compliments the appetizer so well.

So where are we headed for the main dish? Oh let’s get on a ship and head over to Katie’s, for her Christmas Beef Wellington. Katie is a food photographer who has kept such a fabulous food photography journal for all of us to enjoy. This post of hers features not only Beef Wellington, but every imaginable foodstuff to feast on during the holidays. Scroll to the bottom and she’s provided all of her recipes in a pdf!

Oh man, I’m stuffed. But we need dessert. Something not too heavy. I’d love to say a plate of cookies from Calleye’s, or a nice Maple Walnut Christmas Trifle from Tim at Lottie and Doof and a big plate of Orange, Cranberry and Pistachio Truffles from Sylvie. Each one of these is a perfect finish to a wonderful gathering. I’m going to grab a bite of each!

We’ll finish our evening with great conversation, laughter and a great feeling of camaraderie. To make this evening last through tomorrow and days beyond Kimmee has bagged up some of her crisp Three Ginger Gingersnaps for all to take home with us. Merry Christmas everyone!
SMall town bed and breakfast decorated for the holidays, with message happy holidays everyone on it.

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