Nexto DI Portable Hard drive

by Robyn on January 24, 2011

A portable hard drive in its caseA couple of summers ago I had my hard drive fail. I had over 10,000 pictures on it and they were all lost. Needless to say I was devastated. I got angry. Then I got smart. I didn’t ever want to lose another photo. I began asking around about how people stored their images after a days shoot. I got a different answer from every person. Most did say to store them for sure, as you never knew, what could happen. I began with keeping the flash drives. I found out how unstable the data is on a flash drive. One day a seemingly reliable flash drive just stopped working. I was able to retrieve the images, but I no longer wanted to count on a flash drive to hold on to pictures I worked hard to take.

After a careful search I decided on a portable hard drive. This way I could load photos on to the hard drive while I was out and about, but still be able to move the images to the terabyte storage drive once home. There are many different portable drives. I knew I never wanted to do business with Seagate ever again. It was the hard drive that failed and they offered no help upon the drives failure even though it was out of warranty by 1 day. So they were off my list.

I went to a photography forum and poked around to see what the professionals were using when they needed a portable solution and kept seeing reference to the Nexto drives. I had never heard of them. After stopping by a few photo places, Amazon, Adorama, Crunchgear I determined that the Nexto was the choice I needed to make.
A picture of the NextoDi hard drive
What I knew I needed was reliability, compact and ease of use. I found all of that with the Nexto. I also found that any budget could use a Nexto. They come in a range of sizes to meet every budget need. While I’d love to have a $2500 model, that just isn’t in the cards right now. I chose the best for my budget and ordered from Adorama. It arrived quickly and I was able to use it on my CA Walnut tour. It was easy to put in a pocket and carry with me. It also holds a good charge. It only needs a full charge about one time a month with my usage. I’ve downloaded over 4000 photos to it without any problems. It also has a firewire connection to I can download the photos directly to the terabyte hard drive I use as my photo library. I love that it is not built for rocket scientists. It is simple to use with a command window that basically walks you through everything.
A view of the ports available on the Nexto DI

It comes with all the cables, a charging adapter and a soft case. It may not be the sexiest camera product you own, it doesn’t need to be. It works, and that is worth the simple gold or black box look. I’m kind of glad they didn’t waste moeny making the Nexto look “sexy”.

I highly recommend this product. I was not paid by anyone to endorse the Nexto DI. In fact it would be great if I had been, but it is not the case.

Have a question about the Nexto DI? I’d be glad to answer any at all.

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