Cookbook Review, Complete Gluten Free Diet & Nutrition Guide

by Robyn on February 8, 2011

Complete Gluten Free Diet and Nutrition Guide, with a 30-day Meal plan and over 100 recipes by Alexandra Anca and Theresa Santandrea-Cull
Robert Rose, 2010
256 pages, 100+ recipes

Publishers summary: A gluten-free diet is one of the most challenging diets to adopt and follow, but the effort is worth it!
Since there is no medication for celiac disease (gluten intolerance), the only way to manage it is to follow a completely gluten-free diet. Celiacs who follow a gluten-free diet often suddenly feel better and, for the first time in years, are able to not only reconnect with food but to actually enjoy it.
This outstanding dietary guide provides comprehensive information on:

* Celiac disease basics, from what causes celiac disease to how it is diagnosed to what effect the disease has on an individual’s quality of life
* Managing celiac disease, including dietary therapies, food guides, specific foods to avoid, foods to enjoy, nutritional supplements and living with celiac disease
* Gluten-free meal plans, including a 30-day meal plan that provides an entire month of meals and snacks in an easy-to-understand format
* Healthy gluten-free recipes, including breakfasts, breads and muffins, soups, salads, pasta, meat, poultry, vegetarian and vegan entrees and desserts

Informative and easy to understand, Complete Gluten-Free Diet & Nutrition Guide provides dietary and nutritional guidelines along with 100 tantalizing recipes that can be enjoyed by everyone, not just those who are trying to manage celiac disease.

The Complete Gluten Free Diet & Nutrition Guide is an essential tool for anyone who has been diagnosed with Celiac disease. Most gluten-free cookbooks are just that. Cookbooks. This book is an exhaustive guide to dealing with a new eating paradigm. Not only are there recipes, but it begins with an explanation of the disease, its causes and symptoms. You’re given a chart for tracking your health, eating diaries and a case study before moving on 2nd chapter. The thoroughness of the information is enough to get me to purchase this book for anyone who has been given the diagnosis as positive for celiac.

The guide takes you through suspect foods. You take a trip through the grocery aisles and ways of replacing foods you’ve come accustomed to eating yet no longer can. The Guide also talks about essential nutrition and how to balance your diet while avoiding gluten rich foods. There are meal guides that have you eating good tasting balanced diets that you’ll love from the start. No longer will you have the “why me?” attitude that comes with this diagnosis. The recipe section is filled with tasty meals, pretty much anyone will enjoy and will broaden your eating horizons.

Personal note: my mother-in-law was misdiagnosed with celiac and at 82 had to change her eating patterns. It was a difficult experience that could have been alleviated by this book. She had feeling that she was in jail and no longer could have any of the foods she’d been eating most of her life. The Guide could have helped educate her and assured her that, while her eating habits would change, health wise she was not in jail and could enjoy a full diet without having to feel sick all the time.

This book was provided by Robert Rose, Inc. as a review copy.

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