Review Policy

Review Policy

Thank you so much for considering Earthbound Chronicles for your cookbook/product review needs!

Cooking is something I feel can have a transformative effect on people. Knowing how to cook builds confidence, camaraderie and a sense of well being. Cooking is a great way of building community and learning about the world at large. Reviewing products and giving suggestions on choosing which products to use, how they work and how it can help someone improve their cooking skills is essential. That’s one of the reasons I decided to create this site. By no means am I equipped to know about every new cooking method or cookbook book that’s coming to the market. So, in my opinion I’d love to hear from publishers and/or authors, publicists, editors and the like about review opportunities or even just to give me information about a new release.

Please feel free to contact me (robynski – Robyn Goodwin) via email at earthboundchronicles {at} gmail {dot} com OR use the contact form listed at the bottom of this page and expect a response within 24 to 72 hours.

The Details:

The Short and Sweet (A quick breakdown of what we review):

  • Cookbooks
  • -American Cooking
    -Baking and Pastry
    -Barbecue and Grilling
    -Basics, Recipes, and Reference
    -Gourmet Foods
    -Healthy Foods & Meals
    -Holiday and Religious Cooking
    -International Cuisines
    -International Cooking
    -Professional Cooking
    -Quick and Easy Cooking
    -Special Diets
    -Special Ingredients

  • Graphic Novels involving a food related subject
  • Farming related books, from gardening to animal husbandry

Formats Accepted: Currently we are accepting hardback, paperback and audio-books. Occasionally I can manage to read an E-Book on my iPhone (via Kindle app), but it definitely is not preferred. ARC’s are also welcome as well as information regarding release date. We DO NOT accept self-published works, sorry, nothing personal just experience has shown that it’s best not to.

How long will it take for a review: Due to the fact that there are varying viewpoints in our reviews some may take less time than others. Generally expect between one to two months for a review to be posted. If you’d like a review posted later/earlier or around a specific release date, make sure to let me know in your initial contact so that I can make arrangements for that.

Blog Tours: I am open to participating in Blog Tours and giveaways that can help promote reading and that will get the word out to my readers. Although, I don’t organize them.

Review Postings: Not only will the review be posted here on the site, but it will also be made available through the following sites as well (when applicable): Goodreads, LibraryThing,, Twitter.

Review Expectations: Please also know that we do our best to like every book that comes through our door, but this just isn’t always possible. We do not guarantee a review of every book sent to us, although we will do our best. Every book is not the right fit for every person. Always expect honesty above all else from our reviews. When a cookbook is received a minimum of three recipes will be chosen, and cooked prior to the review. This way we can gauge the difficulty of the recipes from beginner to expert and make the correct recommendations.

Understand that the reviews given on this site are the opinion of the reviewer and not statements of fact about each book. Additionally the reviews written on this site (Earthbound Chronicles) are the property of this site and can only be used with the written permission of the reviewer.

To contact me via email at earthboundchronicles {at} gmail {dot} com OR please use the contact form listed at the bottom of this page and expect a response within 24 to 72 hours. Thank you and I look forward to working with you!

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