Sugar Cookies for Christmas – Late Edition

by Robyn on January 29, 2011

Baby chick sugar cookies decorated in bright yellow icing.I made sugar cookies for Christmas. I made the dough. I rolled it out. Cut it into shapes. Baked it off. And then, set about to decorating it. I had tried on one occasion before to flood cookies and the result was less than stellar. After seeing a myriad of people like Bridget, Gail, and Haniela do it, I figured I had to give it one more try. I’m glad I did. Because with their help, it turned out to be a huge success.

You see, my inspiration came from so many cookie bakers and decorators. But what spurred me into action was Bridget. I received a box of her cookies, just before Thanksgiving this year. They were delicious. Buttery, almond-y, soft and decorated like turkeys! We all thought they were so good. The youngest one and her husband were scheduled to make their move from our home (they were here temporarily for a few weeks until they found a suitable place to live in SoCal) and I knew I’d have the time, and the inclination to give Bridget’s recipe a try. What I liked best about her recipe is that you mix it up and roll it out. None of that chilling for two hours bit. Chilling dough may give it a chance to firm up a bit, but usually by the time it’s ready to use, you’ve lost the opportunity to bake. I like that her recipe is ready when you are, and you begin baking immediately.

So I went about rolling and cutting and baking. I wanted to do a variety of shapes but I also knew I wanted to stick with a simple color scheme so I could minimize mixing colors. I only had so many squeeze bottles for frosting and wanted to be as efficient as possible. I chose a light green, dark green, light pink, white and red color palette to get the ball rolling. The thought process being I could add more color to the light green when I was done with it to make it darker. I could do the same with the pink to go to red.
A selection of sugar cookie shaped like snowmen, Christmas trees, etc.
The shapes I ended up with were wound, snowman, santa – using an upside down cupcake cutter, a tree, a snowflake, a house, a rectangle oh and a mitten. The circle i made to look like a starlight mint. Bridget had the cutest candy shaped cookies that I adapted to just rounds. I, of course, spent a lot of time looking at other peoples cookies on flickr to get cute ideas and inspiration. There are just so many talented people out there! After carefully reading everyone’s tips for outlining and then flooding cookies, I set out to decorate. It took me two days to get them all done, but I ended up with over 4 dozen decorated cookies. I felt great about being able to get started on the journey to decorating cookies. Thanks Gail, Bridget and Haniela for your guidance and inspiration.

I waited to post these until now because one group of the family didn’t get to have their cookies for Christmas. We had a late Christmas party in mid-January and I made sure they had them too. Everyone enjoyed them as much as I did making them. The other sets were delivered to other friends and neighbors throughout the holidays. I look forward to doing more and more decorated cookies in the future!
A collection of Christmas cookies - A Cingerbread house, a snowflake, a tree.

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bridget {bake at 350} January 31, 2011 at 1:36 pm

Oh, they turned out so cute! So happy that you like the recipe. I try others, but it’s always the one I come back to. 🙂

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