Bon Ami – Hasn’t Scratched Yet!

by Robyn on January 24, 2011

A canister of Bon Ami cleansing powderWhen I got married, we of course, had a wish list of items we wanted as gifts. On that list was an enamel set of pans that have gone the way of the west. My mother didn’t cook all that much at home so I had no idea about quality cookware. She had Revere pans, and I knew I didn’t want to spend time polishing the copper pan bottoms like my grandfather always had, and yet did not want the ugly dirty copper bottoms on my moms pans. My grandfather would do the dishes, he needed to keep his hands soft as he was a woodworker, he would explain. It helped him feel the grain of the wood better. Each day, when we were visiting, he would do all the dishes saving the pans for last. Grab his little jar of Sparkle copper cleaner and scrub away. It was messy! His hands would be covered in greenish, blackish glop but the pans would show off his hard work with sparkling copper bottoms. I had know idea our pans at home were the same pans as grandma and grandpa’s. I didn’t learn the ones at home could look like theirs until I was nearly ready to leave home myself. And, getting them in bright copper condition again was a huge chore.

So what’s a girl to do? Go with enamel! I got the coolest looking enamel pans in a dark chocolate brown with three black strips on the sides. There were care instructions, of course, that I read through carefully so I wouldn’t ruin my new pans.The most important direction the company gave for care was to purchase a can of BonAmi. It was the best advice ever. I’ve been a devotee of the product ever since. For those of you unfamiliar with BonAmi it is a cleansing powder much like the very famous green powder that most people use. However, unlike the green stuff, BonAmi doesn’t scratch surfaces or cause irritations from use. I could cook and then scrub my pots clean in a matter of minutes. The Bon Ami logo is a baby chick with the motto "hasn't scratched yet"

The product is one I trust around my kids too. Not that I want any child poking around in cleaning products but if they happen to shake it all around the kitchen floor I don’t need to be concerned with them getting sick from it. BonAmi has been making this same product for years and years. When you read what they have to say about environmental impact, and green products, I think you’ll agree with me that it is time for the green stuff to take a hike. The BonAmi company relies on ingredients that you can pronounce and trust. Things like limestone, soda ash, feldspar, and baking soda. When I was new to BonAmi the only product they made was the scrubbing powder. Now they have a line of products. I trust them all. The back panel of a Bon Ami container

So where are my pans today. I wouldn’t know. With all the moves we made as starving students back in those days, I can only imagine I gave them to a friend or donated them at one point thinking it was just too much to pack. I’ve got new pans. Stainless steel pans that take a bit of finesse to use. But clean-up? The same as always. A good hot water soak, a bit of BonAmi cleansing powder and it looks as new as the day I purchased them. If you haven’t been using it to keep your kitchen items clean, go try them yourself. I bet you’ll be surprised at what a wonderful product it is. The top of the Bon Ami can with sticker that reads

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