New: I can make Vectors for you!

by Robyn on January 6, 2011

A button to let people know I can make a vector file from jpegs or other images.In the past, I have struggled with images. I have wanted them to be able to be scaled without distortion. You can’t do that with a jpeg or other image. I would always google help and get the same answer. It needs to be a vector file. When your image is a vector file it can be as small as a favicon or as large as a poster without pixelation or distortion. In technical terms it means it is no longer a bitmap file and has been anti-aliased in order to use it in all sizes without distortion.

Well, good to know. However, vector files, to the untrained regular Joe becomes a monumental task. Most people throw their hands in the air and say “someday I’m going to learn how to do that”. At least that’s what I said for a few years. Both of my sisters are artists. Put a brush, a pen, colored, chalk or even a simple crayon in their hands and away they go. I am not that kind of artist. However, I have trained myself to be able to convert an image into a vector file. I am happy I can do that! I’ve trained myself mostly so I can use my vinyl cutter and make neat vinyl art. But I got to thinking. If I struggled with that, I bet others do too!

So, in order to helps others, and help myself, I’ve decided to let people know I can do that for them. If you have an image file you’d like changed to a vector file let me bid on it and see if I can help you and make a little bit of money doing it. I won’t charge a lot, mostly just for my time. I’d appreciate quite a bit. Every dollar I make gets me closer to the ranch!

What you do: Email me your image at earthboundchronicles@gmail dot com. I will take a look at it and get back to you with a price, if agreed upon, I’ll send you an invoice through PayPal. Once the invoice is paid, I’ll send you your new vector file. Easy peasy!

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Paula January 6, 2011 at 9:21 pm

This is great! I did not know what a vector file was so thanks for the lesson. I also think it is great that you can change images to vector files. Should I ever need one changed, I will be sure to get in touch with you.

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