Multi Colored Frosting, the Saran method

by Robyn on July 22, 2010

A cake smeared with light pink, white and burgandy icings to look like a pink camouflage effect

Girly Camouflage

Okay, so Erika of In Erika’s Kitchen, tweeted to me about how best to do camouflage on a cake. She asked would it be okay to just put three colors of icing in a piping tube and have a go. I answered it was one way, however, I didn’t recommend it as the colors all mix together and you usually end up with a mish mash of a brown or purple color you weren’t expecting.

I told her it would be best to use the saran method if you were going to mix colors in a tube. Then tried to explain exactly how that work in 140 characters or less three or four different times. Then I mentioned that maybe I should just blog about the technique and she answered back that it would be a good idea because she could not picture anything I was trying to explain in her head. Yeah, so much for my skill in 140 character bursts! And all of you followers know, I’m not all that professional in my approach to twitter anyway. I’m more the “random” is defined well in my twitter feed. Yep, it’s that branding thing on fire!

So how does one go about using the Saran method of color division in icings? Read on, grasshopper!It is a relatively simple process. I can show you in pictures. What you’ll need. Two or more tinted icing colors. A piping tube. A tip for your piping bag. Some Saran wrap. A pair of scissors. And nerves of steel. Just joking about those nerves of steel. That’s only if you’re going to video tape yourself doing this in the future. I decided I wasn’t ready for prime time and used still shots instead.

Begin by placing a “blob” of frosting in each of the colors (separately, of course) on a piece of Saran wrap, about 12 inches square.

a blob of pink frosting on saran wrap
a blog of white frosting in saran wrap

Then fold the Saran over the frosting. Apply a bit of pressure to the frosting and squeeze it into a tube shape about an inch around. Twist the end of the Saran to seal the tube so frosting doesn’t come out either end. You don’t want the tubes to be too big around, especially if you are using more than two colors, as they all need to fit into the piping bag.

multi colored frosting tubes

Frosting Tubes

Now prepare your piping tube, making sure you’ve used a coupler if you need to change tips for your decorating. I’m using a clear bag to demonstrate this technique, however, I normally would use a regular piping bag. Either one is fine to use.

piping tube ready to be filled with frosting

Piping Bag and Tip ready

Carefully snip one end of each of the bags. You will place the cut ends into the bag facing down toward the piping tip.

snipping ends of saran frosting tubes

Snipping ends of saran tubes

Once in the tube twist the top and apply pressure to begin squeezing the icing through the piping bag. You should now have a two, or three colored decoration coming out the tube.

all three saran tube in piping bag

Piping bag filled and ready

If at first you only have one color, squeeze the icing out until you have the effect you want.

piping bag with three color frosting ready to use

Ready for use


Now you can blob this all over the side of the cake, and then smooth it out to give you the “camo” look you want for the sides, or pipe on the edges for your decoration.

piped colors on edge of cake showing two color saran technique

Piped edge

You can also do all kinds of flowers using this method to give a more natural look to color variations. You are only limited by your imagination. Give it a try and get back to me how it worked for you. Thanks for reading!

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Dorothy at Shockinglydelicious July 23, 2010 at 1:12 pm

That is flippin’ BRILLIANT!

Erika - In Erika's Kitchen July 23, 2010 at 12:29 pm

NOW I get it, Robyn! Thanks for the great step-by-step instructions and photos. A blog post just for me, wow! (OK, I’ll share.)

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