San Diego coastline

by Robyn on July 13, 2010

Rocks piled on top of each other to form a cairn.

Cairn, at Leucadia

We recently went driving along the Pacific Coast Highway down to San Diego from San Juan Capistrano. The day was cool and foggy. Just perfect to beat the heat in our town. Along the way we stopped to enjoy the view and the ocean air. I don’t know about you but the aroma of salty briny sea air is such a stress reliever. Forget pharmaceuticals, just figure out how to bottle that smell ala Kramer’s Ocean perfume, and the world wouldbe a whole lot calmer.

I always carry my camera with me so I can snap pictures of interesting stuff I find. I love shooting at the beach as you can get some pretty monochromatic shots without too much work. The study of beach colors is beautiful in this shot of a cairn. Every drive brings new ones along the shore. The rocks get piled up by someone and then someone else comes along and adds another. It really is one of my favorite things to see while driving. The colors don’t have any blue, green, or aqua yet the speak to that beach palette we all love.

I also love to get out and take pictures at the edge of the water. It can lead to some very interesting shots. I have an entire folder filled with pictures of rocks, sand, seaweed, and waves along the beach. Just going back through them gives a sense of well being.

rock and sand along the shoreline

Tide out

This shot takes me back to being a little girl playing in the sandy beaches of Oceanside and San Diego. I can just feel my toes in the sand, the water rushing against my legs as it rushes back into the sea. The sand would disappear under your feet leaving a small island to balance on as the tide returned to the sea. We’d watch for sand crabs and scurry to catch them before they had a chance to dig in too deep away from little pudgy hands and a big jar filled with sea water. Nothing brings better memories of childhood that a trip to the shoreline. There, life was a pretend perfect place to escape our everyday existence. It was warm, sunny and everyone was happy. See how such a simple photo can evoke great memories long vaulted away?

The other great thing to photograph is seaweed. It comes in so many great colors, shapes, and sizes one could do a 300 piece capture of seaweed and never repeat the same scene. Each one looks like something from another world. I think that’s why little boys can chase little girls along the sand carrying a piece of seaweed. I remember many an afternoon spurning the attention of my brother and his pals as they chased all of us with a branch of seaweed blowing in the breeze. Screaming with delight the whole way to have the attention of “boys”.

I can think of no better place to be than near the ocean. It’s too bad I can’t live in two places at once. Anyone want to buy a condo with me and share it? We could have 5 or 6 partners, all willing to divvy it up at different times of the year, to savor our memories and make new ones too. One last shot to entice you to buy!

Seaweed and sand along the pacific coastline


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