Julie and Julia

by Robyn on August 13, 2009

From my cookbook, The French Chef Cookbook

From my cookbook, The French Chef Cookbook

I went to see Julie and Julia on Monday. I’m considering going to see it again this evening. I enjoyed every bit of the movie. It was fun to see on celluloid the story as interpreted by Hollywood. Meryl Streep played a perfect Julia. Amy Adams was a kind nod to Julie Powell.

It was surreal to see the film version of a blog I had read in 2002. The food blogging community then, was a small group of bloggers, and it wasn’t difficult to find a food blogger with a story. Julie fascinated many of us with her antics and goal. It wasn’t until the book deal that things got ugly. Volleys were thrown back and forth, with prominent bloggers challenging Julie’s abilities as a cook, with Julie answering with terse or non-existent responses. A word I read far more than any other descriptive was “bitch”. Sadly, it turned me off to the whole drama and I walked away. I didn’t buy the book, and was surprised to read of the movie.

I did love the fact that in the movie, whoever wrote the screen play, cut everyone off at the pass with regard to the “bitch” reference. Instead of trying to dance around the word, they hit it head on and didn’t leave room for the community as a whole to push it further or monopolize on the lack of illustration in the movie. Well done, screen writer. My only wish would be that Julie Powell had pursued her wish to actually meet Mrs. Child. She had time, she had connections, lost opportunities it seemed.

Back to Julia. What I found most interesting was they way she cooked. She learned traditional French cooking at a time when women were not really accepted in the profession. Butter, sauces, mayonnaise, and heavy cream were her standard bearers. It is wonderful to know that she cooked everything using these ingredients – from scratch – and lived to be two days shy of her 92 birthday. As did her husband. All those evil fats and rich creams, must have done her in! When people mention we should not be eating naturally produced butter, cheeses and creams, much less the foods they produce, I will remind them of Julia. It isn’t the natural foods that are killing us, it’s the processed ones, people.


Robyn August 22, 2009 at 8:06 am

Ah, Melissa! Thank you for hunting me down and taking time to leave a comment.

Yes, unfortunately the movie did nothing to improve her image to the rest of us. I’ve read her recent blog and she does seem a bit happier. But reading of her affair was disappointing. I don’t know anything about her husband, but does anyone deserve that? bleh.

Julia on the other hand is fast becoming an over night sensation with a whole new generation. One point I didn’t make in the movie was the over the top use of antacids. It now has me wondering if that was really the case or if it is intentionally messaging about the foods’ “inherent” bad value of being too rich and not good for you. I am going to do some research and find out, sauces and creams made the way they’re supposed to be made with non-processed products, shouldn’t give you heartburn all the time!

Melissa (Book Nut) August 22, 2009 at 7:15 am

I’ve missed your thoughtful posts, Robyn!

I liked your insights to Julie Powell, because honestly, I thought she did come off as a bit of an attention-grabbing bitch. Funny, but kind of selfish….

And your comments on natural versus processed foods are spot on: love Julia Child, and totally agree: natural (even fat!) is better. 🙂

Robyn August 16, 2009 at 7:39 pm

Grommie! Hi good to see you. It took me forever, and my blog was right along side yours for a couple of months while I got this one together.

I loved Julie and Julia mostly because they show you a bit of Julia’s personal life and how adoring her husband was. You should see it!

Facebook. eh. well, I’m slowly thinking I should be there I just don’t want to deal with all those people from high school. I’ve grown up and hope I don’t offend people by not answering their friend requests. I’ll add you for sure!

Grommie August 16, 2009 at 8:13 am

I read the Julie & Julia blog for about a minute. I must have gotten in there just as the fighting and name-calling was beginning because I remember thinking, “when is she gonna talk about food?” I will probably try to see the movie at some point, it sounds like it was good for you.

I’m glad to see you back! My blog is still sitting alongside the road. Not sure if I will swing by and pick it up again or not. Just have too much on my plate, so to speak.

I’m on FaceBook a lot, and I looked for you there, but wasn’t completely sure what I was looking for! LOL So, if you’re there, email me or something. Would love to catch up with you.

Robyn August 15, 2009 at 9:51 pm

Thank you 1stdaughter! You will love Julie and Julia. I hope they don’t wait forever to get it out to the stores. I like the new site too. 😉

the1stdaughter August 15, 2009 at 9:21 pm

I really really wanted to see this movie before going away from babysitters, but we didn’t get to. I’m glad to hear that it turned out so well and I can’t wait to see it on video!

By the way…I love the new site!

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